Best Alkaline Water Machine

How To Decide Which One

If you are like most you are already clear as to the benefits of alkaline water.Now sifting through all the alkaline water machine reviews online you’re trying to compare which water ionizers are the best.

There are lots of water ionizers that can be found online and together with those ionizer products are their reviews.Of course, buyers won’t buy a product that has negative feed backs.Some of the reviews would talk about the benefits of the ionizer, price, and even the quality of certain brands. 

Thus, before buying it is really recommended to look for reviews first so that buyers can weigh in the pros and cons.Reviews of water ionizers will surely talk about how efficient the brand and product is; as well as the benefit of alkaline water or ionized water as what others would call it.How do you make water alkaline? That’s why you need a water ionizer-your gateway to good health!

What is alkalized water?

Alkalized water is also known as the ionized water.This water is produced through the aid of water ionizers.The natural taw water is processed in the ionizer which splits the water into parts-the acidic and the alkalized. 

The acidic water is usually rejected and has no use while the alkaline water is the one that brings good health to the body.The Jupiter ionizer can process the water well. It purifies, energizes, and filters the water so well.

That’s where I was a few days ago before I decided to do my own due diligence.The key is avoiding affiliated reviews and just comparing each machines spec’s for yourself.

Here’s what I reviewed and compared with each water machine:
  • Company history
  • User reviews and feedback from actual ionizer machine owners
  • Core components: electrode plates size and material, power source and total wattage, filtration media and size
  • Quality or purity of water along with the ability to produce a wide range of PH and ORP Levels of water.
  • Ability of the water machine to easily adapt to your current ‘source’ water.
  • Easiest to use.I don’t like reading manuals much.
  • Long term usability and reliability
  • Warranty and Customer Support
  • Best up front and long term value relative to the price.

Unlike most alkaline water machine reviews I’m not going to tell you how to narrow down which one is best for you.But I would advise before making any kind of water ionizer comparison or decision, that you have some type of parameters as a guide for making a comparison.Otherwise your going to blindly follow the ‘expertise’ of a commission motivated sales person.

After using the review parameters above, I had compared ionizers at Jupiter, Enagic, KYK, and Tyent.I was careful to compare models within a similar price point so as to compare apples with apples.

Kangen Water SD-501

Kangen Water SD-501

The Kangen SD-501 is the most expensive 7 plate ionizer sold, but this machine’s performance doesn’t justify it’s highly price.The Kangen machine used to be considered a great machine long time ago, but it's still the best alkaline machine you can have in your house.

Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Machine

Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Machine

Make alkaline water benefits with the Bawell Platinum water ionizer machine at the touch of a button. Connecting this machine to your kitchen faucet or to the water line below your sink will allow you to make ionized alkalized water with medically research potential health benefits listed in the US National Library of Medicine Database.With an additional 5 pre programmed power settings you can achieve a total of 35 different preset alkaline and acidic water levels.

The Platinum water ionizer features the most advanced dual internal filtration technology with a .01 micron filter capability and advanced carbon material which eliminates virtually all chemicals and impurities while allowing minerals to remain in your drinking water.

Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7

Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7

Life Next Generation M11

Life Next Generation M11

Jupiter Science Venus JP107

Jupiter Science Venus JP107

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