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Alkaline Water Filters - Which Filtration Works Best

Alkaline Water Filters - Which Filtration Works Best?

Alkaline water filter do much more than what many think a filter will do.Water alkaline filters trap all the garbage or suspended matter that are as big as rust particles and other small impediments as small as residual chlorine (considered by many a poisonous water contaminate) along with all types of other microscopic organic compounds.

When it comes to alkaline water filtration ideally you want larger physical filters.Larger filters allows more room for filtration media which translates to cleaner water.

Also, not only do you want big filters but you want double filtration as well.Dual filtration is the latest advancement in alkaline water ionizers rendering single filtration obsolete.Some of the older ionizer systems may still adhere to single filtration medias which is why the price point is significant.

Why is large and dual filtration so important?

Because two filters work better as a team.The first or primary alkaline water filter will remove contaminants common in tap water down to .01 microns.Toxins like chlorine, arsenic, asbestos, E.coli, Fluoride, Iron, Chromium, Mercury, radon, toxaphene, zinc not to mention other water pathogens and viruses are all common tap water contaminants.

Dont forget to read this too:

If you live in a region like Pensacola Florida (considered to have some of the most contaminated water in the country), or have well water it is important to have extreme filtered water.Don’t just trust the tap filter or even a cheap faucet add-on as they only filter down to 30 microns. The intention of water filter cartridges is to remove most bacteria and sediments.

The secondary water filter is often a composite ceramic filter that passes the water through multiple stages (best type of ceramic filter).As passes through it conditions and maintains a proper balance of ions and electrolytes. See alkaline water filter diagram here.

To sum it all up, as the primary alkaline water filter traps contaminants the secondary filter maintains and adds to the waters stability and purity.When this type of water filtration pours the final product into your glass you’ll know you’re drinking near perfect alkalized “Super Water”.

Most alkaline replacement filters aren’t that expensive and are purchased in pairs for around $100-$120.If your daily water consumption averaged 5 gallons a day alkaline water filters will last up to a year depending upon how often you pass water through your ionizer.

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