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Buying Alkaline Water Ionizer Tips

Helpful Tips While Buying an Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline water ionizer is gaining more and more popularity around the world these days. It has become so popular that everyone wishes to buy one ionizer for their family.

Buying Alkaline Water Ionizer Tips

However, there are only few people who really know what separates the good alkaline ionizers from ordinary water purifiers.You can choose the best water ionizer for your family only if you have sufficient knowledge about the product.

The first and foremost rule is that you should be able to make out the difference between the ionizer that produces the pure and safe water, and the one which just has a rich advertising strategy to please the consumers.

These days, it is not important to pay more to buy a high quality ionizer.There are so many designs and models available in the market, and making the right purchase would be quite a confusing task.

Primarily, you will need to compare the prices offered by the various manufacturers and promoters in order to come to a conclusion about which alkaline water ionizer would best suit your budget and your family needs.

There are mainly two factors that you should consider while buying the product:


An average cost of an ionizer ranges from $800 to $4000, depending upon the country where it is being manufactured and the quality.

You can opt for an ionizer out of three classes and the first one is the lowest class ionizer which is generally a pre owned water ionizer. It is not really safe to buy an ionizer when you do not really know about that kind of usage it has gone through before you purchased it.

The second class comprises of light model ionizers including micro lite, Jupiter or other smaller purifiers. These purifiers work well depending on the water type.They are not much advanced and thus, produce water of average quality.These middle class ionizers are a better choice for many families where price is the constraint.

The last one includes heavy duty ionizers like KYK Genesis and Tyent 7070.The cost of these ionizers ranges between $1500 and $2000 and they are undoubtedly the best in the market.


This is the main factor to be considered while judging the quality of an ionizer.A perfect water ionizer should maintain the consistency in pH and ORP levels of water. In addition to this, try to make sure that you are buying a machine which does not leave any residue on its plate during the electrolysis process.

The formation of scales on the plates is the biggest flaw, especially with hard water filters, and it can even hinder the long term performance of the machine.

Apart from these two factors, you can also read the water ionizer reviews available over the internet.These tips can really help you knowing the qualities of alkaline water ionizer sold in the market.

Once the product satisfies your price and technical needs, you can investigate on the warranty provided and the reputation of the company. It is recommended that you call the company and inquire with them about the discounts that they could offer, and about their return policy.

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