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Kangen Water Machine - Kangen Water SD501 Review 2016

What is Kangen Water? - What Benefits?

Kangen Water Machine Sd501

Before we go to the kangen infomations, lets us share with you the research about benefits of drinking the alkaline water.One study described below suggests that alkaline water encourages "friendly" anaerobic microflora in the human intestinal tract, and discourages "unfriendly" aerobic organisms.The researcher (see Vorobjeva NV below) writes: "Many diseases of the intestine are due to a disturbance in the balance of the microorganisms inhabiting the gut. 

The treatment of such diseases involves the restoration of the quantity and/or balance of residential microflora in the intestinal tract.It is known that aerobes and anaerobes grow at different oxidation-reduction potentials (ORP).The former require positive E(h) values up to +400 mV.Anaerobes do not grow unless the E(h) value is negative between -300 and -400 mV. In this work, it is suggested that prerequisite for the recovery and maintenance of obligatory anaerobic microflora in the intestinal tract is a negative ORP value of the intestinal milieu.

Electrolyzed reducing water with E(h) values between 0 and -300 mV produced in electrolysis devices possesses this property.Drinking such water favours the growth of residential microflora in the gut.A sufficient array of data confirms this idea.

Kangen water SD501 review

The 3 Amazing Properties Of Kangen Water Machine

Kangen Water Machine Sd501The SD501 is without a doubt The Top of the line Residential Water Ionizer available today.As Dr. Dave Carpenter testifies, no other Residential Ionizer can produce "The Sustained Quality of Alkaline Ionized Water" that is on the market today.This is primarily due to this machines powerful 230 watt transformer in conjunction with its electrolysis chamber.The Electrolysis Chamber (solid, dipped platinum /titanium plates) has an enormous surface area of 490 square inches, making it the largest surface area of any residential ionizer- next only to the Levelux DXII. - View the SD501 price here!

Kangen water™ is simply medically grade alkaline water that is produced from one of Enagic's line of ionizers.The word Kangen is a Japanese word that means, "Return to Origin" and is the process of turning our bodies back to more of an alkaline state much like the time when we were young and balanced.

In a broad sense, Kangen water™ has three amazing properties.These properties are:

#1.   Anti-Oxidation

kangen Anti-Oxidation

All living and non-living matter battle with oxidation. As an example, aging, decay and rusty nails are an example of oxidation at work.

To get an idea of what oxidation and anti-oxidation looks like, take a look at the image above.This is an image of two glass containers, one filled to the brim with Kangen Water™ and the other of neutral Tap water.Also, included are a few iron construction nails in each container.

You will notice that the glass container to the right is clouded with rust from the nails.This is oxidation at work and the results would be the same regardless of what type of water (bottled or otherwise) was in the container.

The image to the left is filled with 9.5 pH Kangen water.Both containers were filled back in June of 2008 and the nails in The Kangen water are still preserved even to this day.As a result of the oxidating properties of water, the nails in the tap water will continue to deteriate.If Kangen Water™ water can preserve nails, imagine what it can do for your body.

CEO of Enagic Mr. Hironari Oshiro
While we are on the topic of aging, check out the image to the right.This is a picture of the CEO of Enagic™ Mr. Hironari Oshiro along with his American Business Advisor.Although, the two men look years apart, typically the mid 40's for Mr. Oshiro and late 60's for his American Business Advisor, they are in fact the same age.They will both be 67 years old in 2008. 

We believe that the reason Mr. Oshiro looks so well is because he has been drinking Kangen Water for the better part of 17 years.In light of the fact that this water is an anti-oxident, it can be viewed that this water might possibly be the fountain of youth.

measured oxidation
Oxidation can be measured and in the case of liquids, an ORP is used. ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential.A positive ORP value is bad for you and helps accelerate entropy and the aging process while a ORP value is very good for you and can actually slow down the aging process.Please remember that (-) Negative in these cases are good for you.

Kangen Water: 10x's the Detoxifying Power of Orange Juice.

Below is a visual chart of ORP (Notice the following bottled waters and beverages with a positive + ORP value).Even the bottled water which we have been lead to believe is good for us is actually not for a number of reasons.
visual chart of ORP

Kangen water is typically between -400 to -600.I have seen it personally as high as -800 ORP.The higher the ORP, the better it is in combating oxidation and free radicals which is believed to affect our health and well being.

Bottled water has been measured as high as +600 ORP in our personal demonstrations. Notice Kangen Water™ is on the opposite side of the chart even surpassing green tea and orange juice.

if you haven't all ready done so, stop drinking sodas.Not only are they extremely oxidizing but also highly acidic which is a big contributing factor in sickness and weight gain.

#2.  Micro-Clustering

Micro clustering is another great quality of Kangen Water™.When water is run over the solid platinum coated titanium plates, the water is broken down in size from a cluster of 15-20 molecules to around 5-6 molecules resulting in the body being hydrated up to 6 times as much as regular water.Because of its smaller clustered size, this water will penetrate and hydrate areas of the body like never before. Imagine a water that fully hydrates, oxygenates and detoxifies your body all at once. 
kangen water Micro Clustering ability
Keep in mind also that ionized alkaline water loses a H+ molecule on average resulting in an even smaller more penetrating cluster of water.(View the picture below).

#3.  Alkalinization

The third major characteristic of this water is Alkalinization.When we were born, our bodies were alkaline by design; however, when we aged our bodies became more acidic for a number of reasons.Our bodies' pH level should be 7.35 for optimal health, which is slightly alkaline.
kagen water alkalinization characteristic
Acidity is the grim reaper when it comes to our demise and the lack of  good choices plays a significant role in this process.Thus, the accumulation of acids and toxins in the blood and cells are the major cause of disease in our society.Leading researchers have found that there is no leading cause of death instead they point to an over accumulation of an acidic environment within our bodies.

Acidity . . . The Father of Disease!

Alkalinization helps fight our bodies overabundance of acidic waste and flushes it out of our systems thus leading to a more healthy immune system whereby keeping us healthy and hydrated.

On a side note, most bottled water has been tested and been found to be slightly acidic to highly acidic.I have personally tested well known bottled water that has shown to be 5.0 pH.  Remember that this is 100 times as acidic as neutral ph 7.0.Kangen water has pH levels of 8.5, 9.0 and 9.5.  pH 9.5 is 500 times as alkaline as neutral 7.0.

So, as you can see, Kangen water™ has three amazing characteristics that can help you restore and maintain optimal pH balance.

Enagic and The SD501

When it comes to your health, you shouldn't compromise quality for inferior materials and design on account of dubious claims. And yes, for better health you will need to pay a somewhat higher price that may at first appear to be relatively more costly prior to having investigated all of the facts.

Once you have done a thorough investigation, you will then be able to make a better decision. However, If price is the deal breaker, then our lower price machines are still a far superior choice over ionizers from other makers.

First off, The company, has been in the business of water ionization for the past 35 years. Listed below are some bullet point truths about Enagic and The SD-501:
The SD501

  1. The first license is issued by Osaka Prefecture, a governmental agency responsible for the province of Osaka, Japan.
  2. Enagic's Second license was issued by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, Government of Japan.(This is equivalent to our F.D.A.) The license # is 27B2X00070 and recognizes the SD-501 as a MEDICAL DEVICE.
  • The Company Enagic™ operates as a O.E.M.(Original Equipment Manufacturer), which means that Enagic does not outsource any components with the exception of the electrolysis plates, which are outsourced from a company by the name of Kobe. Everything else, including the shipping materials are made in-house.
  • One craftsman is responsible for building every water ionizer from start to finish that increases the quality control significantly.The only device in Japan that is recommended and recognized by a non-profit organization (The Japanese Association of Preventative Medical for Adult Diseases.) made up of over 7,000 Doctors and Surgeons in Japan. Enagic is recognized because its products are high quality and relevant for hospitals.
  • Enagic™ has been awarded Certificate #ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for its most environmentally friendly products as well as for its rigerous quality materials and construction.Additionally, these two prestigious awards recognize Enagic™ as a leader in REDUCING MEDICAL COSTS IN JAPAN.(ISO9001) (ISO14001)
  • On April 18, 2004 Enagic received the International Earth Environment University (IEEU) achievement for outstanding Achievement in the environmental sciences and the Linus Pauling International Earth Environmental Roundtable (IEER).(IEEUCertificate.pdf)
  • Awarded ISO 13485:2003.This award certifies that Enagic uses the Management System Standards of the Design and Manufature of Electrolysis Water Generators for MEDICAL and General use.
  • Recognized by The Geriatric Disease Prevention Association.
  • Recognized as a member in good standing for the year 2007 by The Direct Selling Association.
  • The SD-501 has a FULL and COMPLETE WARRANTY based on one condition- that the electrolysis chamber is kept clean with a citrus cleaning cartridge, applied twice yearly.The first one comes with the machine.(Many companies claim to have a full 5 year warranty but are either limited or have a number of exclusions.)
  • There are no daily, weekly, monthly or yearly limits set as to the amount of water that can be produced from the Kangen Water™ machines.You can produce an unlimited amount of water.
  • Enagic's Ionizers do not shut down from overheating because these machines don't overheat.(All of the competitor machines have a safety shut off feature that prevents their machine's electrolysis generator from receiving electricity and thus producing ionized water.Most will automatically shut down after 5 to 10 minutes of use.This so called safety shut off feature prevents their machines from overheating and thus causing damage to the electrolysis chamber.In other words, the display panel remains on, yet these Ionizers are not producing alkaline water past a certain point because the "auto shut-off " activates and stops sending electricity to the chamber.YesALL of the ionizers have this "safety shut off" feature except Enagic's line of ionizers.)
  • Enagic's Ionizers have twice the flow rate of our nearest competitors.As a matter of fact, The Sd-501 will produce 8-liters/ minute which is almost 3 times the flow rate of the Jupiter.The effective flow rate of the SD-501 is right around 5 to 5.5 liters/minute.Effective flow meaning the flow rate when the -ORP and alkalinity are not compromised.
  • Hard Water is a huge problem with ionizers but not a problem with Enagic's line of Water Ionizers.Usually, Hard Water is NOT a Problem.In the event that it is a problem, Enagic will disassemble and clean the electrolysis chamber for $40.(That is a great deal when you consider that some of the competitors charges upwards of $800 to replace their chambers)

100% Organic Citrus Acid E-Cleaner for Electrolysis Plates!

  • The Enagic Water Ionizers are designed to use a 100% Organic Citrus Acid E-Cleaner that is ideal for cleaning and removing the built up calcium off of the platinum/titanium plates. No other ionizers have this key function. Do not overlook this feature.This is a HUGE benefit of ALL of the water ionizers that extends the life many years to come.

  • According to the manufacturer, one e-cleaner pack (see picture above) should be used once every one to two weeks for optimal performance of your Kangen water™ Ionizer.The process is simple enough! Just replace your filter with the e-cleaner filteradd a fresh pack, fill with water and let it set for 4 to 6 hours.Run your machine, and you will notice the white flakes exiting! This is a great way to keep your machine at its optimal level.It is recommended to use your best judgement.In very hard water areas, use this cleaner once a week and in soft water areas, use once a month.

Please remember that hard water on the electrolysis plates will destroy any effort from any water ionizer in producing alkaline water or even more importantly, alkaline water with a high -ORP.

Again, this is a huge advantage over other non-Enagic water ionizers.Every water ionizer will start accumulating hard water deposits from their water source.

Unless you live in an area of very little hard water deposits, choosing the right water ionizer with this feature should not be overlooked.
  • The Enagic ionizers have a Minimum Life Expectancy of 15 to 20 Years and possibly beyond.This is based on Engineering and Results!
  • The SD-501 is self-cleaning and will clean after every 15 minutes of use but will not start self cleaning if you are using the machine.I have experienced this many times while filling up 20 to 30 gallons at a time for people who are drinking the water.
  • Enagic's SOLID, DIPPED platinum/titanium plates have a surface area that is 445% larger than that of Jupiter Aquarius/Orion alone.
kangen water engine side by side comparison

  1. As an example, The SD-501 electrolysis chamber( see the picture to the right ) has 7 SOLID plates with a total surface area of 490 sq. in. (7 plates x (7"x 5") x 2 sides). This requires a large 230-watt transformer.A greater surface area requires a greater heating element.
  2. As a comparison, the Jupiter ionizers have a total surface area of 110 square in. ( 5 plates x (2.75" x 4") x 2 sides) and have a inferior heating element that requires a maximum of 80 watts of electricity to run.

Also, notice that the chamber has 7 wires that are attached to the side as well as the screws on the front of the chamber that can be removed for easy cleaning.Enagic charges $40 to clean the hard mineral deposits off of the electrolysis plates in the event that the mineral deposits cannot be removed.
  • The Enagic Solid Titanium Plates are DIPPED IN HIGH QUALITY PLATINUM.The titanium is purchased from a company by the name of Shinnittseu and they are the highest quality supplier of titanium in Japan.
  • Additionally, the platinum that Enagic uses is of the highest quality in the world. Whereas, standard titanium sells for around $1,000 per ounce, the platinum used by Enagic in making their electrolysis plates is twice the price at around $2,000 per ounce. This platinum is known in the industry as "Medical Grade Platinum" simply because hopitals and health institutions demand this type of quality. Keep in mind that the leveluk ionizers are in over 200 hospitals throughout Japan.
The special process by which they make the plates results in a high quality alkaline water known as Kangen water™.Kangen water™ is able to hold ionized water at its elevated state longer compared to other ionizer machines using inferior plates and heating elements.

A Greener Approach -Oily Pesticides and Insecticides Removed.

The SD-501 makes medical grade true 2.5 pH Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) and true 11.5 pH Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) water as a result of the saline solution stored in the removable electrolysis enhancer tank. Enagic takes this very seriously as this high acid water is used for medical reasons within the various hospitals in Japan.

The other "competitor" water ionizers are not capable of making these types of waters because they do not use a salt or saline solution. It is the salt that gives these waters its incredible dissinfecting and cleaning properties. This feature should not be overlooked:

2.5 pH is 50,000 times as acidic as neutral 7.0 pH and will kill 99.9% of all bacteria, pathogens, viruses, the Aids Virus Topically and salmonella.

11.5 pH, (otherwise known as Strong Kangen Water) on the other hand will emulsify oil-based pesticides and insecticides off of fruits and vegetables. 11.5 pH water is also great at cleaning ordinary everyday items such as counter tops, glass, windows, floors and the list goes on and on.

Be sure to read the L.A.Times article and watch the KTLA News video regarding strong acid and strong alkaline waters.

How Important is Your Health and Your Families Health?

This seems like a silly question, yet some are willing to compromise in the hope of receiving the same results from an inferior water ionizer.

What is the value of 2.5 Acid Water to a person who is fighting some kind of skin disorder, gangrene or MRSA as well as killing the e-coli pathogens or samonella from your foods? ( Food Poisoning!)

Likewise, how valuable is 11.5 pH water that effectively strips the harmful insecticides and pesticides of off fruits and vegetables?

Note: The amazing power behind these solutions is the SALT or saline solution that is added to the water during the electrolysis process.Only Enagic produces water ionizers that use the salt solution.The saline solution is necessary in order to produce hypochlorous acid (strong acid) and sodium hydroxide (strong alkaline).
  • All of the Kangen Water™ ionizers use transformers.Transformers are used because they are the most reliable on the market.The SD-501 uses 230-Watt Transformers.
  • Enagic will refurbish and rebuild your titanium/ platinum plates for only $40.This is made available to those who live in very hard water states and who do not use the citrus cleaner at least twice a year.Very rarely needed but a good insurance policy from the company just in case.
  • The Enagic filters will last up to 3,000 gallons of use. Service centers in 4 U.S. Cities. Compare that to the competition's filters that last only 1,000 to 2,000 gallons on average. Much like cheap personal home ink printers, many ionizer companies make their money by selling replacement filters.
Some Facts:
  • One of the primary reason for solid plates is that it is durable and will handle many years of usage.Also, water tends to erode and break down what it comes in contact with.The Grand Canyon is a great example of this force.
  • A large surface area of the electrolysis plates is necessary in order to produce high quality alkaline water as it is necessary to elevate the active hydrogen to a higher elevated state.
  • It is more difficult for mineral deposits to attach to smooth solid plates thus improving the performance of the machine.On the other hand, with mesh plates, the calcium binds in the peaks and valleys (holes) of the plates making it very difficult for the calcium and other deposits to be removed.
  • Over time, (this will depend on the hardness of your tap water) it becomes very difficult to remove these mineral deposits off of mesh plates and your ionizer will become less and less effective and eventually will no longer produce alkaline water.
  • Again, only Enagic Ionizers comes standard with a 100% Organic Citric Acid Cleaner precisely for cleaning the hard mineral deposits from the electrolysis plates.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion, you get what you pay for.The difference between The SD501 and the "other ionizers" is the difference between an overpriced appliance that may last a year or two or a certified Medical Device that was designed to last 15 to 20 years and is in use in hospitals all across Japan.

Click here to check price and buy on Amazon >>>

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